Themed Meetings

These days, themed meetings are extremely prevalent. From global marketplaces to Mardi Gras events, from rodeo and character-enfused events and sports-themed soirees, themed events are perfect for small and large gatherings.

Activities and food that correspond with a themed event leave the attendee with a greater connection to their company or association because they are often conversation-starters and ice-breakers that encourage people to socialize and to get to know each other.

A meeting theme should encompass everything from the headline of theme, event logo, color schemes of the website, mobile app, give-aways, food and beverage, receptions, name badges, décor and set-ups.

Or course one of the biggest benefits of a themed meeting is that the attendees’ overall experience is enriched as they engage deeper and participate more through group activities, team building and networking.

Themed meetings also are likely to encourage attendance as prospective attendees look forward to what is to come. For instance, themes can also tie into messages and vital information that the company is relaying to the group in a more exciting format than just a PowerPoint. Theming also can build the excitement and relay and reinforce a message all year long, not just for one event a year.

And remember, attendees are more likely to remember information that is presented in a new, exciting and entertaining way as the theme will trigger the memory when the takeaways need to be implemented back at the office.