Putting on a Green Event

With today’s meeting and events environment, many companies are ‘going green’—incorporating environmentally conscious components into their events. That’s why more and more venues are differentiating themselves from the competition and offering more amenities to lure green-minded meeting planners and attendees. From efficient lighting to paperless transactions to utilizing alternative fuel in the transportation of products, companies within the meetings and events arena are trying to better accommodate to these earth-sensitive times.

Meeting planners can look to venues and inquire about the environmental sustainability of their facilities. They should inquire about ways these venues are conserving electricity, water and other resources, and their recycling efforts. Some venues will recycle their food waste products by provide this waste to pig farmers to feed to animals.

In addition, more and more planners are looking for menu items that consist of organic meats and produce, some of which may be organically grown onsite. The accouterments of an event also are areas in which planners can “go green.” For example, some planners are requesting aisle carpeting be removed from tradeshow floors to reduce emissions as well as shipping and installation costs. Others are eliminating the use of paper or non-recyclable plastic glasses in the serving of food and beverages.

Conscientious efforts aside, remember that “green” meetings and events can often be costly, and risk a company’s well-intentions being viewed negatively. A business must decide their key objective before going green so that they demonstrate their genuine commitment to the environment.