Fresh and Renewed

Meetings planners are drawn to new and renovated hotels for a myriad of reasons. New space offers and exclusivity factor to the attendees by allowing the group to be the first to experience the hotel. Hosting an event at a new space makes it impressive and memorable for your guests. It gives them the chance to experience something that they haven’t before. Guests are also more likely to attend your event, because it’s not being held at a venue where you—or your competitors—frequently host events.

There is sometimes a cost benefit associated with being the first group at a hotel. What’s more, the “newness’ of a new hotel or renovated space enhances the guest experience through hotel rooms and amenities. From a meeting perspective, having new or renovated meeting space helps in the selection process when looking at multiple options. Knowing a space has been renovated can give it an edge.

Also, if you are in a new space, it is a draw for the guests and a way to add some cache to the event. If you are in a renovated space that guests have seen before they also might be interested in seeing how things have changed and been upgraded.

Another benefit to newly renovated spaces is that the space is typically updated with event flow in mind. The venue has seen how people flow through their space and make minor changes that end up making a big impact—like moving a bar to one side of the room instead of in the middle

Every new or renovated hotel may have a few issues arise at the onset of their opening or reopening, so it is important that corporate meeting planners do a walk through so you are familiar with the space.

Be sure you know if you can use an outside caterer or if you have to use the in-house company, know the time you can get into the space for set up, know where the coat check and restrooms are located. Being an expert on the space is key.

There are also key advantages to hosting an event in upgraded facilities. These include advanced technology capabilities, healthful and mindful amenities and new approaches to food and beverage menus.