Consider Casinos

Casino resorts have long been known for delighting vacation visitors for years. Now, association planners are turning their attention to hosting meetings, conventions and other events at casino resorts.

In general casino resorts, both in Arizona and throughout the U.S., offer attendees several unique opportunities to experience excellent restaurants and meet colleagues in a collegial environment. It enables attendees, after a long day in meetings or classes, an opportunity to unwind either in the casino or in the typically expansive resort area. And many casino resorts’ meeting spaces are ‘state-of-the-art.’ The latest and best technology is available since the facilities are all upgraded or new and their attention to detail is unsurpassed.

Casino resorts can often make the life of a professional meeting planner much easier.  With the many attractions, activities, entertainment and dining options located on property (or close by) you are guaranteed to enhance the overall experience of your attendees.

For many people Atlantic City and Las Vegas are synonymous with “all things casino,” however there is a wealth of other casino resort options for meetings and events spread across the country, including Arizona.

Unique events can also be planned at casino resorts as part of meetings, or as extracurricular activities. Many casino resorts boast on-site, championship golf courses, serene spas, and unique dining outings for groups. Private poker lessons or tournaments and bingo sessions also can often be secured for groups. And off-site excursions, such as wine tastings, also favorites of casino resort attendees.

When planning a meeting or event at a casino resort, there are some key steps a meeting planner needs to take.

As with any location, make sure that you are fully aware of what is and is not acceptable and what is expected. Communication with your on-site planner is key to making sure that you and the facility are both happy at the end of the event.

And remember, planning will be different as you are dealing with a gaming element, which controls a lot of the suite inventory. The financial model will be unique due to the many different revenue streams a casino must operate, so budgeting will need to be adjusted accordingly. Also be aware if attendees have to walk through the casino to get to the meeting space. If so, plan your program accordingly. Don’t try to compete with the casino resort elements– embrace what they offer and try to incorporate within your event.